I have systematically broken down how you can self-promote, both shamelessly and effectively, in 3 easy steps:
  1. Create a ranking that is controversial or unique.  Ideally the topic of the ranking is related to your own core business and includes a number and a superlative in the title (Might I suggest "7 Smartest Guinea Pigs in North Carolina" for a local PetSmart branch?).  This provokes an emotional response for affected readers, although I doubt it is relevant whether the emotion is positive or negative--it simply has to be strong.
  2. Explain why you should be treated with authority as a source.  Ideally this involves detailing an objective statistical methodology and being transparent about any subjective opinions that enter into the analysis.
  3. Publish online and harness social media like Facebook and Twitter.
Note: This guide is an excerpt adapted from "the Daily Beast named Dumbest Site on the Entire Internet" over on Etc, my new blog for Raves, Rants, and things that don't necessarily fit neatly on a consumer Internet blog.

Where do I submit this photo for an award?
'You Know You Love It.' Navy Pier, Chicago, Aug 26. 2010. Photo by Adam Stober
Click here for full size picture.
7 clips that always make me laugh.  In no particular order:
  1. UAF Nanook Hockey Opener 07-08. Do NOT spoil this one by watching on a small screen or low volume. Go all out.  2 minutes.  PG.
  2. Strongbad makes a techno song.  1 minute. G.
  3. Fonejacker Mr Doovde . 2 minutes. PG.
  4. Fonejacker PS3.  2 minutes. PG-13.
  5. iPhone4 vs HTC Evo.  3.5 minutes.  R.
  6. Powerthirst.  1.5 minutes. R.
  7. Afro ninja.  1 minute includes 3 views :)  PG.
Special thanks to George, Jonny, and BramO for helping me dig these up over the years.

NOTE 9/1/2010: Removed Home office from hell #2075 since the YouTube is not working.  Argh.
NOTE 9/28/2010: Home office from hell #2075 is back up!  Bonus, check it out! 24 seconds.  G.

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